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The Law Office Of Joan H. Proper, PC, will help you and your loved ones move toward a successful and positive future.

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We Offer Long-Term Solutions

The Law Office Of Joan H. Proper, PC, is committed to not just solving your immediate needs, but ensuring you and your loved ones obtain the support needed to be successful in the future.

Our firm’s commitment to individuals and families is evident in our representation in juvenile/young adult, education, family law, and guardianship and conservatorship cases. Ms. Proper has worked in Northern Virginia for her entire career, first as an educator and then as an attorney.

Focusing On Family First

Our firm focuses on areas of law that significantly affect family life. In addition to general family law matters, we handle intricate divorce proceedings and custody issues, guardianship and conservatorship matters, and a variety of education issues. Ms. Proper is also a certified guardian ad litem for children and incapacitated adults, and her work in this area is a valuable resource for families concerned about protecting vulnerable minors and adults.

A Holistic Approach To Solving Problems

We also understand how problems with children in difficult educational situations can wreak havoc on family life, which is why as a former teacher, Joan Proper is committed to compassionate education law advocacy regarding special education issues and other concerns. Sometimes issues involving divorce or a poor educational environment can feed into other areas of family, even leading to certain juvenile or young adult legal conflicts, substance abuse or mental health issues. We assist clients in finding solutions that minimize the impact of legal problems and position them for long-term success.

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