Advocating For Your Child’s Future

Children often experience difficulties or legal troubles as a result of family matters, disabilities, bullying, substance or alcohol abuse, or other issues. When such issues arise, you want a Northern Virginia juvenile/young adult attorney who cares about your child’s future. The Law Office of Joan H. Proper, PC, works closely with individuals and families. Juvenile and young adult legal matters require careful attention and sensitivity. Our goal is to help your child now and moving forward.

In many situations, parents and guardians recognize they need assistance managing and advocating for their child even if there is not an immediate concern. Navigating the special education or 504 process is more complex and time consuming than is apparent at the outset. A consultation with an attorney can lead to important recommendations to use now or in the future. Having an attorney attend special education and 504 meetings, with the parents, can also help alleviate some of the stress and time consuming nature of the process.

We Know The System

Our experience in the legal and educational systems throughout Northern Virginia gives us insight into the challenges you and your child may encounter.

Understanding and maneuvering these systems can often prove complex. Our background allows us to understand the options and avenues available.

Often when young people get into trouble or have challenges, particularly at school, there can be an underlying reason. A child may have an unidentified need, a disability or circumstance that requires outside assistance. Our firm’s ability to speak with school officials and private providers on their own terms allows us to secure the resources your child needs. This ability to advocate for you and your child can be invaluable.

The Future Is Still Bright

Learning disabilities, autism, mental health, and other needs can impact a child both now and in the future. Your child’s needs may be impacting his or her current education and your family. Our goal is to address the issues at hand so that your child can move forward successfully. We handle cases involving a number of juvenile legal matters, including:

  • 504 and Special Education Issues
  • School Discipline Hearings
  • School Board Appeals
  • Enrollment and other School Placement issues
  • Child in Need of Supervision/Child in Need of Services (“CHINS”)
  • Truancy, runaway or other CHINS matters
  • Bullying issues
  • Assistance with Referrals for County Assistance for Mental Health and other services

With regard to school discipline matters, in many instances there are proactive steps families can take to address a child’s needs while also trying to manage the consequences of behaviors. We work with and can refer to therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, drug and alcohol treatment evaluators, criminal attorney, community service organizations, special education organizations, and other groups as appropriate. We do this to help ensure every child gets the support he or she needs to move forward.

You Are Not Alone

Discuss your situation with an experienced and compassionate lawyer. Contact our office online or call us today at 703-291-6660 to arrange a consultation.

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