Securing Guardianship Or Conservatorship To Protect Your Loved One

Virginia courts allow family members and other qualified adults to assume decision-making authority for individuals incapable of making major decisions on their own. If you are concerned about your loved one’s ability to protect his or her person or property, our attorney can guide you through the process required to become a guardian and/or conservator.

We have extensive experience advocating for vulnerable children and adults in Fairfax and Prince William Counties. Our attorney represents family members and other individuals seeking guardianship or conservatorship. An individual may seek guardianship or conservatorship in situations where an adult has become incapacitated, suddenly or over time, and in situations where a child is turning eighteen and needs a guardian or conservator. Ms. Proper also serves as a guardian ad litem for incapacitated adults.

Helping You Obtain Guardianship For A Loved One

In Virginia, guardians make major decisions that relate to an individual’s personal needs. Guardians may make decisions involving housing, medical care, education, and other needs. If you are seeking guardianship or anticipate seeking guardianship in the future, we can assist you with all stages of the process. This includes filing a Petition in Circuit Court and pursuing the required court process. Our attorney can also assist with identifying professionals who can conduct evaluations of your loved one, if necessary.


Our firm also assists individuals seeking conservatorship of incapacitated adults. Conservators are responsible for managing an incapacitated person’s finances. This can include managing assets, including real property, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and other assets, handling debts, pursuing Social Security and other benefits, and other financial responsibilities. Our firm can assist you in taking the steps necessary to file a Petition and prepare for the required hearing to establish a conservatorship.

We understand the legal requirements for pursuing guardianship and conservatorship, as well as the responsibilities of guardians and conservators.

We will strive to provide compassionate representation, and to resolve what can be a sensitive situation as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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