An Understanding Of Student And Parent Rights

If you and your child are having trouble getting the educational support you need from a Virginia school, you need an experienced education law attorney to advocate for your family. Relying on the school system to address your child’s needs is not always possible or sufficient. The Law Office of Joan H. Proper, PC, is devoted to student legal issues and can help you identify and understand your rights and protect them.

Whether your student needs help addressing an issue with the public school system, has a health impairment, autism, a learning or emotional disability or some other need, we can help you help your child.

While our office is based in Prince William County, our attorney is able to consult with and represent parents in special education and 504 matters throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. We also handle school discipline matters in Northern Virginia.

A Comprehensive Knowledge Of The Educational System

We fundamentally understand the school system when providing advice to parents and when advocating for clients. To fully understand student and parent rights, and the options you can pursue, consulting our firm could make the difference in getting the support you need in Northern Virginia and the neighboring communities.

We handle simple and more complicated education law issues, including, but not limited to:

  • School suspension and expulsion hearings and appeals, including school board hearings
  • Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs (OSMAP) hearings
  • 504 plan eligibility and development issues
  • Casualty hearings and Manifestation Determination Review (MDR) hearings
  • Bullying issues
  • Special education and IDEA eligibility
  • Child Find issues
  • IEP development and implementation issues
  • Evaluation and Reevaluation issues
  • Ongoing behavior needs, including requesting Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) development and implementation
  • School refusal matters
  • Placement disputes
  • Transportation issues
  • Special Education State complaints, mediation and due process hearings
  • Office for Civil Rights Complaints

There are many options available. Our experience in the educational system is a helpful resource for parents who are at a loss on how to help their child succeed. We work with a network of professionals, including psychologists, educational advocates and consultants, therapists, mental health professionals, neuropsychologists and other providers. No matter your child’s issue, we will work with you to help you find a solution.

Preserve Your Relationships

Often, when parents attempt to deal with school districts alone, emotions can become heightened and relationships can become strained. By hiring an attorney, you can mitigate or even avoid these issues. Our process involves efficient and practical problem-solving to help your child obtain support while maintaining positive working relationships with his or her school.

Ultimately, our goal is to work with you and your child’s school to secure a positive outcome. Contact us online or call us at 703-291-6660 to arrange a consultation.

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