Helping You Move Forward With Your Life

Going through a divorce can be one of the most emotionally difficult and confusing family law matters, but that does not mean the process has to be confusing as well. Often, when clients come to The Law Office of Joan H. Proper, PC, they want to know what their rights are, what options they have and what they need to do next to take care of themselves and their family.

Our firm has handled divorce cases in Northern Virginia, and our attorneys understand that the last thing you need when going through a divorce is additional stress. We make sure you understand and fully participate in the process, and we aim to help you move forward with your life. When going through a divorce, related legal matters often arise, and our firm has experience handling:

  • Uncontested and contested separation and divorce
  • Review of draft and/or mediated agreements
  • Property settlement agreements
  • Child and spousal support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Modifications
  • Enforcement issues

Healthy Relationships

Even if you no longer get along with your spouse, it can be important to maintain a healthy relationship during and after the divorce process — especially when children are involved. With this in mind, our lawyers often give clients important areas to focus on outside of the office, including plans to conserve assets, address children’s immediate needs and take other necessary steps. Referrals to mental health providers and financial advisers can be provided. We are focused on resolving issues, solving problems and helping you and your family to move forward.

Productive Resolutions And Support

Effective planning can make a huge difference when it comes to a positive and productive resolution to your divorce. As effective negotiators, our firm is committed to working out as many aspects of your divorce as possible to minimize or eliminate the expenses and limitations of going to court.

Part of effective planning and resolution is forming and managing expectations. We will help you plan for your future, as appropriate to the situation, and refer you to financial advisers or other professionals as needed.

We Will Support You

Whether you need court intervention or simply need someone in Northern Virginia to review your existing circumstances and answer questions, we will work with you. Contact us online or by phone at 703-291-6660.

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